Real estate REdefined
from the ground up

REposit’s premise is that buyers, sellers, investors and lenders should have a single platform for real estate financing and sales

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Our Mission

During my finance career, I often wondered why some of the world's largest and most forward-thinking companies use legacy technologies that prevent deals from being executed as quickly and efficiently as possible. I entered the blockchain space specifically to solve these issues. The blockchain technologies we are developing right now are the perfect solution to the technological disconnect between property owners, lenders, and investors. REposit was created to bridge this gap and create a paradigm shift in the way the real estate and mortgage industries function.

- Joe Vellanikaran, Founder and CEO

A Better Way To Store
Real Estate Data

Real Estate Data is 100% accurate, real-time, and always at your fingertips thanks to the smart contracts built into the REposit platform. All transactions are permanently stored in the secure distributed ledger while personal data is encrypted and kept private. Never worry about how accurate, up-to-date, or secure your data is ever again.

The Mortgage
Process REinvented

By connecting borrowers and investors through more efficient channels, the mortgage process becomes faster, less expensive, and more accurate than it has ever been. REposit’s blockchain technology eliminates the need for audits, automates compliance functions, and reduces friction when buying, selling and securitizing loans.

Meet The Team

Joseph Vellanikaran,
Founder and CEO
Sandy Liu,
Co-Founder and CEO
Davey Sherwinter,
Co-Founder and CMO
Stefan Beyer,
Blockchain Architect

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